Parenting with Emotional Intelligence Online Program

Isn’t so much a training program as it is a guide for helping parents understand their own reactions, (as well as their kids'), and take steps to finally change those reactions into intentional responses.

Hi! We are Ty, Lauren, and Wendy!

We're an unlikely team of a therapist, a behavior coach, and a former special ed teacher.

After years of working with parents in different ways, we all found that there's one thing missing from the parenting world;

an understanding of how emotions affect behavior.

Most of us weren't taught what emotions are, or what to do with them in our own lives, let alone our kids'.

This program is meant to change that so you can feel confident knowing how to help your child (and yourself) learn the tools to work through big emotions in your home, in ways you can all be proud of.

Self paced video program

A program helping parents notice, feel, and navigate emotions to build confidence in yourself and your kids.

Founded on research

We've taken ideas from some of the most effective therapy strategies, combined with our own experiences as a therapist, behavior coach, and educator, to give you a program that's easy to use and backed by research.

Easy to use

We've taken confusing ideas, and turned them into concepts that make sense to every day parents who just want more calm homes, confident kids, and a more meaningful approach to parenting.

If you're a parent, you've already heard that...

Embracing emotions is the way to raise more confident, independent, and well-adapted kids.

It's true!

But if you're anything like us... you try to take deep breaths, label emotions, and "willing" ourselves to be more patient...but none of those work for long.

We didn't have time or patience for that, and neither do you.

What other parents have said about the Parenting With Emotional Intelligence Program...

Notice patterns of reacting to emotions

Be an example of working through any emotion

Break the cycle of running from big emotions

It's a parenting course unlike most...

You'll go beyond positive parenting strategies to learn a research based method for navigating all emotions (no matter how intense they may be).

No "5 step process" that works only in the best of times. This program takes you through a process that has been proven to help navigate emotions in a positive way.

It'll teach you skills that will last through all ages, phases, and trials life might bring your way.

Emotional Intelligence Doesn't Come Naturally

Biting, hitting, screaming, or being outright's not what we imagined when we thought about becoming parents, but it becomes a reality real quick.

It's hard to know what to do in those moments. We feel drawn away from spanking or harsh punishments, but feel lost about what to do instead. All sorts of messages float around about time in, time out, ignoring, etc.... but none of those really work and leave us wondering....

"How can I teach my child to navigate ALL their emotions without big explosions?"

This program teaches that! Students of this course will know how to stop the cycle of shaming, blaming and excusing emotional reactions and be the example of navigating and owning their own emotions so their kids can too.

Module 1

All about emotions

(what your parents never taught you)

A deep dive into what emotional intelligence looks like in parenting.

Other factors that affect our emotions (and how to understand those).

What it looks like in real life to notice emotions and be ok with them.

Module 2

How to handle and accept emotions

(even the ones we don't like)

How to be more accepting and flexible with emotions as a parent.

How to be more inclusive of others' emotions (even when they're hard).

How to start making meaningful changes with emotions in your home.

Module 3

Create boundaries while still honoring emotions in the home

How to set limits while honoring emotions

Seeing challenging behavior in a new light (and feeling confident in your ability to manage it)

Positive ways to intervene when limits are crossed

Your investment

What you'll get

13 videos (most under 15 minutes so you don’t get overwhelmed)

Just under 3 total hours of videos

Forever access to these training videos (so you can go back to them at any stage)

A comprehensive workbook to turn ideas into habits 

Questions people ask before saying

"YES! This is exactly what I need!"

  • How long will the program last?
  • Go at your own pace. You have access to all the videos and workbooks forever.

  • Is it for a parent of kids a certain age? 
  • This is geared towards parents of kids ages 7 and under, but will work for older kids as well. Our examples are for littler kids. If you feel you’d like to wait for a specific program for your child’s age group, shoot us an email.

  • Do I have to show up at a certain time?
  • Nope! You can listen before bed, while you’re doing dishes, on your way to work, or after dropping kids off for soccer practice. This is 100% self paced and each video is less than 20 minutes long so you can watch them in time blocks that work with your schedule. 

Your investment